When is the best time to book my maternity portraits or newborn photography session?

The ideal time frame for maternity portraiture is between 25-35 weeks. You can also book your newborn portrait session at this time. The best time for newborn photography is within the first month, ideally between 5-15 days old. After two weeks, babies are a little harder to settle and things like colic and baby acne start to falre up. I take on a very limited number of newborns per month to ensure my clients have flexibility in dates and to ensure quick turnaround time for edited galleries. It is highly recommended to make a tentative booking around your estimated due date, at least 3 to 4 months in advance of your due date.

How do I book without knowing my session date?

Your due date will be your session date so that we can be sure that you are on my calendar for that month. Once your baby is born and you are ready to go home, all you have to do is send me an email and from there we’ll schedule a definitive session date and time within the first 5-10 days of your baby’s arrival. Once you book your newborn photo shoot session I’ll send you a detailed email with all the information you need to know including scheduling once the baby is here, what you can expect from your session, how to prep yourself and your baby and other helpful insights and tips.

When will the session take place?

Newborns are born with nearly 300 ‘bones’, while adults have only 206 bones. After 2 weeks, as babies grown into adults, their bones & cartilage start to fuse together into single bone. This which makes it much harder for them to return to that "in-the-womb" position they’ve been in for the last 9 months. It's also more comfortable for them to be moulded into the adorable newborn position while they still have their amazing flexibility.

So, newborns are best photographed within the first twenty one days after birth. I generally try and book around the 6-14 day mark, as they tend to sleep better and love being all curled up in those sweet poses! However, please do not hesitate to contact me if your baby is older. I have very successfully photographed 'newborn' images of 5- and 6-week old babies; especially if they were born prematurely. Sometimes the only difference is we will get more awake/alert images with baby looking right at the camera!

How long does the session last?

I typically schedule newborn sessions in the morning at 10am. This has been proven to be the most successful time for photographing the babies, as they tend to sleep better and fuss a lot less. I dont place a time limit on your session, but usually it lasts between 1-3 hours depending on the Collection you choose. This will allow us to take multiple breaks for you to feed and soothe your infant. For the husbands and younger children, I have a rec room area with recliners, a washroom and a big screen TV for your comfort. Netflix is readily available, as well as a mountain of toys for older siblings to keep busy while they wait.

What should I bring for the baby to wear?

Most of my work is done using wraps, covers and nude. I have a posing workflow I generally go through, and try not to disturb the baby once they are sleeping by changing outfits, putting on pants etc . Besides, they are only this size for a very short time and clothes tend to add bulk and detract from their tiny features.

If you are planning on family or sibling photos with your newborn, I suggest you wear something comfortable. Jeans with a black or neutral tone (Brown, beige, cream, etc.) shirt/t-shirt/blouse work best. It's a good idea to bring along a change of clothes as newborns are bound to have accidents at their sessions.

What do we expect once we arrive?

Expect to have a rest! Honestly... I want you to feel at home, comfortable and relaxed during the session.
Once you arrive with baby, I will show you the colours and sets I have chosen based on our previous discussions. I will have bottled water on site, and encourage you to bring snacks, a book or just have a snooze! If you want to watch the entire session unfold, feel free! Explore and pick through my props, hats, headbands and wraps.

What about photos with families/siblings?

What about photos with families/siblings?
I always welcome siblings to come and be a part of the family photos for both the Simple and Deluxe Collections. Please try to keep them calm during this time as a quiet atmosphere is very important in obtaining newborn photos. Having someone to keep the siblings occupied is a must, as I generally keep the studio door closed to avoid disruption, and to keep the room toasty warm for the newborn. It is recommended to have someone available to take the sibling home after they are finished. Newborn sessions are lengthy and siblings may get bored very quickly.

What happens after my session. How long will it take to be able to see my full gallery?

The work doesn’t stop for me once you leave the studio. I will carefully go over all the photos and choose the very best to include in your online gallery. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to receive the link to your personalized online gallery, at which time you will be able to select your favourite images. I take very special care during post-processing to create beautiful final images for your family to enjoy for years to come - All images in client galleries are fully edited and retouched by hand. Once you receive the final gallery you can select your favourite images for wall art or unique specialty products, such as photo albums, baby announcements, etc. Specialty products can take 2-4 weeks for delivery. High-resolution digital images will be provided as a digital download according to the terms of your package.

Where do the studio sessions take place?

Your session will take place in my private and cozy photography studio in Katerini, Greece. Just bring yourself and your little bundle of joy and rest assured that the studio is fully stocked with all the necessary props, toiletries, and snacks to keep you comfortable throughout your session. You can also take a brief tour of our studio by clicking on About --> The Studio

What about in-home sessions?

In order to achieve the consistent image results you see on my website and in my portfolio, newborn and baby sessions are held in my Photography Studio. Everything is fully prepared prior to your arrival (multiple sets will be in place). You can relax and enjoy some much-needed rest while I photograph your baby, just feet away. No need to move furniture, heat the house to 85, entertain us... simply show up with the baby and I will take care of the rest.

In-home sessions can take twice as long, adding to already tired parents exhaustion. Not to mention moving furniture to accommodate our sets, finding the proper lighting and most importantly maintaining the proper temperature to keep your child comfortable and safe while he/she is unclothed. PROPS - Our studio is a fully equipped, professional baby portrait studio. We have everything you and your child needs for their first photo shoot. We boast a huge collection of high-end props. As the session progresses if we need to adjust or pull new props, everything we need is at our fingertips.