newborn photography

Becoming a Mother for the first time changes who you are.

Your life will never be the same

When we look at images, they immediately bring us back to that moment and feeling

let me save that moment for you

the sessions

Sessions take place in my natural light room specifiaclly made for newborns in my studio. Sessions are booked Monday to Saturday between 10:00 - 12:00 am. Please book your session 3-4 months before you are due, to ensure you get a guaranteed session with me. However, if you have not pre booked your spot, please contact me, I may have last minute openings to accommodate you.

Newborn sessions are best done within 5-15 days after your baby is born. At this age they are still sleepy and we can get those tiny curled up poses, and if we are lucky, some dreamy smiles!

 After this age, they don't sleep as deeply, often don't like being moved around into different positions and start to lose that "newness" or "curliness" and may become colicky, or develop "baby acne". Older babies (not pre booked) up to 3-4 weeks can be accommodated if I have availability.