The story of a photographer

Hello! I'm Maria.

The baby whisperer of Fantasy Kids Photo Studio

I think a painting, sculpture or photograph are just that much more meaningful when you know a little bit about the person who created them. It’s because of this that I decided it was time I shared a little more about myself and how I came to be a photographer. Although my start in photography was maybe not as conventional as it was for many other photographers, I’ve always been a creative and naturally artistic person. The way I see it, I was destined to work in kids and newborn photography.

I am a mama of two beautiful girls who inspire me in all that I do, especially photography. I’m obsessed with capturing all of their moments and they are probably sick of that camera always in their face:) I believe the little things matter most…and capturing those little moments is my passion and feeds my soul.

My speciality is newborn and kids portraiture. I am most know for my soft, timeless style that lets your baby be the focus. Babies are perfect just the way they are so I like to keep the props simple and natural. 

Every part of my job feels like a blessing because I get to do what I love and I hope it shows through my work. I feel fortunate to have an opportunity to enter people’s lives and capture timeless memories they will cherish forever. I hope you will trust me to capture these moments in your life.

My Introduction to Photography

Throughout my childhood, I was often recognized for my artistic abilities. As far as photography goes, I was fortunate enough to have a grandfather who was the owner of the first photo studio in his home town near Belgrade. He was the one who introduced me to photography. For my 8th birthday, he gave me as a gift my first photo camera. It was a Smena 8M. To honor him, I created a small showcase with old photo cameras and lenses including his own which is more than 70 years old. From that moment, photography became my passion. I loved taking photos on black and white 35mm films.

Becoming Professional

My creative tendency led me to persue a career in Arts. So, My first step was to finish the University of Fine and Applied Arts with a major in Multimedia and Mass Communications. During my studies, I was member in the Photographers' Club of the University and my group was actually the first to collaborate with a clinic in Belgrade and start taking photos of newborns.

After graduating with a fine arts degree in 2006 from the Belgrade University Fine and Applied Arts, my career path drove me away from photography for some time. But the birth of my first daughter brought me back to my passion for photography which led me to finally materilze my dream job by opening Fantasy Kids Photo Studio.

Sources of Inspiration

When I was first starting out as a photographer, I used to follow other photographers’ work for inspiration. When I became more mature and confident as a professional photographer, however, I learned that following my heart and instincts was the best way to let my artistic talent shine through. After all, I think it’s by trusting your own judgement and allowing your creativity to evolve that you develop your own style and technique as an artist.

Now, what inspires me most of all are the kids and babies themselves. I follow their lead and work with their cues to create the poses in which they are most comfortable.

What Makes Me Unique as an Artist

There are lots of talented newborn photographers out there and many whose work I admire. I think what makes me unique as a newborn photographer is that I am incredibly patient and unwilling to compromise the quality of the images I take to keep portrait sessions short. Sure, the amount of money I earn each hour might be more if I just snapped pictures and wrapped up the sessions as quickly as I could. But that’s not me. I couldn’t stand the thought of sending families home with images that don’t make me proud.

I get lost in my sessions and never look at the clock. Even though photographing newborn babies is my full-time job and how I make my living it is more than that to me. It’s my love and passion, and just like a painter who loves to paint, I love getting lost with the babies and it is my art to pose them beautifully and to photograph them.


Kalliope M.

“Θα ήθελα να σας ευχαριστήσουμε πολύ για την υπέροχη εμπειρία. Σε όλα τέλεια. Δεν ξέρω από πού να αρχίσω... ο χώρος πεντακάθαρος με όλα τα μέτρα ατομικής υγιεινής,το δωμάτιο της φωτογράφησης με την κατάλληλη ζέστη κ εσείς φυσικά εξαιρετική επαγγελματίας. Ο χώρος πραγματικά είναι σαν το σπίτι μας! Όλες οι φωτογραφίες είναι υπέροχες. Μακάρι να σας γνώριζα νωρίτερα να κάναμε φωτογράφιση κ το μεγάλο μου γιο όταν ήταν βρέφος. Ανανεώνουμε όμως το ραντεβού μας για την επόμενη. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!”

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